How To Effectively Monitor Your Digital Marketing Agency Blog For Virality

How To effectively monitor your digital marketing agency blog for virality

To effectively monitor your digital marketing agency blog for virality, you need to understand the elements contributing to virality and the metrics to track for performance analysis. Here’s a comprehensive approach based on insights from various experts:

Understanding Virality in Digital Marketing Agency Blogs

  1. Science Behind Virality: Virality often stems from content that sparks emotional solid reactions (e.g., amusement, shock, awe) and is easily shareable across platforms like social networks, email, and word-of-mouth​​.
  2. Components of Viral Content: Experts like Jonah Berger emphasize traits like surprising, interesting, intense, positive, and actionable content for virality​​. Similarly, Matthew Inman (creator of The Oatmeal) suggests focusing on common gripes, relatable themes, and easy-to-digest content with visuals and humor​​.
  3. Relevance and Creativity: To enhance the potential for virality, content should be relevant to current trends and creatively executed. This includes balancing the need for viral characteristics with the relevance to your target audience​​​​.

Monitoring Blog Performance for Virality

  1. Set Clear Goals and Timeframes: Establish specific goals and timeframes for your blog’s performance. This helps in measuring progress and adjusting strategies​​.
  2. Key Performance Metrics: Track these essential metrics to gauge your blog’sblog’s virality potential:
  • Traffic: Monitor the overall visitor count and analyze individual blog post performance. High traffic indicates a more significant potential for content to go viral​​.
  • Lead Generation: Track how many leads your blog generates, as successful viral content can significantly boost lead generation​​.
  • Blog Subscribers: A growing number of subscribers can signal content value and performance​​.
  • Social Media Shares: Analyze social shares to understand what content resonates with your audience. Optimizing content for social sharing increases its virality potential​​.
  • Backlinks: The number of backlinks a post receives strongly indicates its value and relevance, which can contribute to its viral spread​​.
  1. Utilize Analytics Tools: Platforms like Google Analytics and social media analytics tools can provide real-time performance data, allowing for a thorough analysis of what content works and what doesn’t doesn’t​​.

Applying the Insights

Implementing these strategies requires a blend of creative content creation focused on eliciting emotional responses and providing value, coupled with a rigorous approach to monitoring and analyzing performance data. By understanding the elements contributing to virality and regularly tracking key performance metrics, digital marketing agency blog owners can enhance their content’s potential to go viral, increasing their reach and impact.


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